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After spending just a few days helping Basketball As A Mission in July 2015, Bridget was immediately connected with the PE teachers at the Fe & Alegria K-12 School.  She asked what she could do to continue to help their community and Fernando Peguero said that he would love to start a Futbol program — just weeks later, F.C. Conexión and our nonprofit organization Puente de Conexión were born.

September 22, 2015 – Parent Meeting

September 29, 2015 – First Conditioning Practice

FC Conexion First Drills — I want to embed this & I couldn’t figure out how.

Quote from Head Coach, Fernando Peguero, when asked “How did it go?”

“Nos fue bien. Fueron más niños de lo que teníamos en la lista y decidimos dejarlo porque es algo injusto sacarlo si ellos tienen el deseo de participar e aprender.” It went well. More kids came than we had on the [sign-up] list and we decided to let it go because it’s just not right to make them leave if they have the desire to participate and learn.



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