Casa Conexion

We are putting San José, Peravia Dominican Republic on the map and we are building dreams!
Punta Arena will be a new resort, created by the same owners of Punta Cana, in a underserved area of the Dominican Republic. We are working with a local school and the surrounding village to help them prepare for this opportunity for new jobs and for indirect benefits and risks of living only 15-20 minutes from a large tourist development. The impact of our collaboration will be felt for generations.

One of our sister organizations, Basketball as a Mission (BAAM) has been providing basketball camps in rural areas of Latin America since 2005. We were proud to support their program and it inspired the birth of Puente de Conexión and our current programs.

We have been supporting the small village of San José, Peravia in the Dominican Republic since 2015. Our first project with them was to help them create a formal soccer program and FC Conexion has seen tremendous success! They are now a registered club with the Federación Dominicana de Fútbol.

2018 Press Regarding the Punta Arena Project

A New $1.5 Billion Dominican Republic Resort Project: Puntarena

Punta Arena Beach

Punta Arena – Development

Two Hundred Hotel Rooms in Punta Arena will open this year (2018)


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