Dreams for 2017 and beyond…

We will organize trips for Metro Detroit educators and/or youth who want to meet, learn from and form relationships with communities in Latin America. Our goal is to provide an exchange between two cultures rather than a service from one to the other; the focus is on people rather than places. We understand that international travel and building relationships with those from another culture can open hearts and minds.

Advantages of our trips over traditional student travel companies:

  • Cost: We strive to keep our trips as cost-effective as possible in order to be accessible to a wider variety of families. Comfortable yet modest living arrangements enhance the immersion experience.
  • Contribution: We are a non-profit corporation. A portion of your trip cost goes to support both educational programs in Latin America as well as providing opportunities for travel to underprivileged metro Detroit youth. Additional tax exempt donations are always appreciated.
  • Experience: On our trips, students will learn by interacting with a wide range of people within the target culture for an extended period of time. They will experience travel, not tourism, within a and safe environment. Family members are welcomed to participate.
  • Learning: Our trips are designed by teachers with true learning goals in mind. Students are asked to stop, reflect on and analyze their experiences daily with the help of certified teachers to meet desired learning outcomes throughout the trip. Students are provided with opportunities and expected to use Spanish on a daily basis.
  • Time: We provide extended cross-cultural experiences in each location in order to provide a true immersion experience for our students. Each day includes time to learn from others, contribute to a community of learners, reflect on experiences and enjoy the natural beauty of another country.

Advantages of our trips over traditional “mission” or service trips:

  • Students are on equal footing with their Latin American peers. Both groups are asked to learn from each other in a cross-cultural exchange. No group is there to merely “benefit” the other.
  • Students learn to see what they have in common with youth from another cultural rather than only  how they are different.
  • Students are asked to reflect on their own culture as well as the culture visited.
  • Students learn about the political and economic issues surrounding poverty.


Please see the Conexión: Puerto Morelos page for more information.


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