Conexión: SW Detroit

December 17, 2016 at 10:00 am Southwest Detroit, MI

Provide Christmas for a “Forgotten Child”!
Count your blessings and give back to our own community.

In December, we are volunteers to provide support for families in need in Southwest Detroit / Mexicantown. We will be working with other local nonprofit organizations to provide Christmas gifts to families in need.


Contact us via email to volunteer, sponsor,
and for drop-off or pick-up directions

  •  Jimmy’s Kids : Adopting 350 families in SW Detroit
    • Please provide a new soccer ball, football or basketball in a gift bag (not wrapped).
    • Wrapping on December 12th
    • Distributing Christmas morning.
Engine 33 / Ladder 13 Southwest Detroit
  • SW Detroit Fireman Engine 33 / Ladder 13: Adopting SW Detroit families
    • Please bring new books for all ages, baby dolls, hot wheels, soccer balls, etc.
    • Wrapping on December 23rd 10am
    • Delivery on December 23rd 11am

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